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Tag Game


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Rules: once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 88 truths about you. At the end choose 25 more people to do this as well.

Read left to right (sorry it’s so hard to read)

1. Last beverage- Orange juice.⇨ 2.Last phone call-.My friend⇨3..last text message- telling my friend Jasmine about Monster Quest⇨4.Last song you listened to- That Snail is Fast-Turbo soundtract. LOVE THAT SONG⇨ 5. Last time you cried- when my dog Roxy passed away. RIP Roxy ;(

6.Dated someone twice- No.⇨7.Been cheated on-No.⇨8.kissed someone and regretted it- No ⇨9.Lost someone special- Yes.⇨10.Been deppressed- Yes.⇨11. Been drunk and threw up- No


15.made a new friend- Yes ⇨16.Fallen out of love- Yes, unfortunately.⇨17.Laughed until you cried- Bitch, I laughed so much I cried⇨18.Met someone who changed you- Yes ⇨19.Found out who your true friends are- Yes ⇨20.Found out so.meone was talking about you- yes⇨21.Kissed anyone on your FB friends list- Yes

22.How many people on your FB friends list do you know in real life- I’m too lazy to count so I will estimate, 15-25 because most of them are family members ⇨23.Do you have any pets- Yes, 2 dogs, 2 cats⇨24.Do you want to change your name- I don’t have any feelings about it. ⇨25.What did you do for your Last birthday- Stayed with my grandparents and ate a homemade cake. ⇨26.What time did you wake up today- 1pm ⇨27.What were you doing at midnight Last night- watching YouTube videos. ⇨28.Name something you cannot wait for- next episode of Doctor Who and Once Upon a Time, Legend of Korra season 4 ⇨29Last time you saw your mother- 10 seconds ago. ⇨30.What is one thing you wish you could change about your life- I wish I didn’t suffer from depression and anxiety ⇨31.What are you listening to right now- My mom watching Family Guy⇨32Have you ever talked to a person named tom- I think so. ⇨33.What’s getting on your nerves right now- this post⇨34.Most visited webpage- tumblr ⇨35.Nickname-Hannah Banana by family⇨36.Relationship status- Single ⇨37.Zodiac sign- Aries⇨38.He or She- She (I’m a girl) ⇨39Elementary- I do not know what this question is implying. Am I in elementary? Did I go to elementary school? Be specific people. :P ⇨40.High School-Just graduated this year ⇨41.College/university- Idk. ⇨42.Hair color- light brown ⇨43.long or short- I would say medium ⇨44.Height- 5ft9. ⇨45.Do you have a crush on someone- My patron god, Toothless. You think He’s hawt on screen? Wait til you get to know Him. :P ⇨46.What do you like about yourself- Unique, smart, creative⇨47.Tattoos- nope. ⇨48.Right or lefty- Righty

49.First surgery- never had surgery, don’t plan to. ⇨50.First piercing- don’t have any :/ ⇨51.First best friend- I have way too many “best” friends. But my true best friend is Jasmine. ^_^ ⇨52.First sport you joined- Haven’t joined any ⇨53.First vacation- Tacoma, Washington ⇨54.First pair of trainers- what the hell are trainers?

55.Eating- nothing ⇨56.Drinking- nothing ⇨57.I’m about to- answer the next question. ⇨58.Listening to- I already answered that. :P ⇨59.Waiting for- idk

60.want kids- I prefer to adopt, thank you. I do not plan to go through pregnancy. hell no. ⇨61.Get married- Maybe ⇨62.Career- idk

63.Lips or eyes- Idk, eyes I guess. ⇨64.Hugs or kissess- I say both. ⇨65.Shorter or taller- taller ⇨66.Older or younger- older ⇨67.Romantic or spontaneous- spontaneous ⇨68.Nice stomach or arms- Arms. ⇨69.Sensitive or loud- Sensitive ⇨70.Hook-up or relationship- relationship ⇨71.Trouble maker or hesitante- hesitante

72.Kissed a stranger- No ⇨73.Drank hard liquor- No ⇨74.lost glasses/contacts- Yes ⇨75.Had sex on the first date- No!!! ⇨76.Broke someone’s heart- Unfortunately yes. :<  ⇨77.Had your heart. broken- Unfortunately yes. :<⇨78.Been arrested- No. ⇨79.Turned someone down- Yes. 😞 ⇨80.Cried when someone died- yes ⇨81.Fallen for a friend- Yup.

82.Yourself- Very rarely ⇨83.Miracles-yes ⇨84.Love at first sight- Yes, but not romantic love.⇨85.Heaven-I’m Pagan, but yes. ⇨86.Santa Claus- I believe in Saint Nick. :P⇨87.kiss on the first date- I guess, why not? ⇨88.Angels- Yes.

I’ll stop there. I’m too lazy to count so have at it. :P

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Help For Men October 1st



I will post this list the first of each month. when reblogging please check the upper right to make sure you are doing so as text and not as a link in order to make sure people see the whole list. If you despise me so much you cannot reblog it from me, feel free to copy and paste it. No need to give me credit, the information spreading is more important.

As always if in an emergency situation call your local emergency lines, such as 911 in the US.

Rape Lines:

Men Specific-

Gender Neutral

Domestic Abuse lines:

Men Specific:

Gender Neutral

Suicide Hotlines:

Men Specific-Didn’t run across any.

Gender Neutral-

For members of the US Military. Please make use of Military One Source. They keep the information private from your chain of command and can provide therapy sessions and even relationship counseling.

If you would like to add to this list when you reblog feel free to do so. I will try to include people additions along with credit each subsequent month.

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Toothless nodded his head in understanding and shook his wings gently at his side, recalling the events that made him who he was now I became Alpha when a wicked man came to my home; he tortured and abused a Bewilderbeast king into a weapon and tried to control me so that i would do his bidding.

I did very bad things when i lost control, but my brother helped me, he saved me, made made me realize i could fight the control; i’m not to sure how i did it, not really, but i fought back and we won; i became the Alpha after that.

She gave slight nods to show that she was understanding his story and where he was coming from. No one knew this, but she and her stormcutter friend were too refugee from a tyrannical Bewilderbeast-Wait a minute. I hate to ask you this, but are you the one that gave the Bewilderbeast that missing tusk?


Toothless stared at her, frown growing at the mention of the creature. The Night Fury nodded while he clawed weakly at the dirt with his back paw; the memories of Drago and his Bewilderbeast still plagued him, and he would tired not to think about what happened, but sometimes it was hard not to remember what happened…what he did.

The dragon sighed and nodded slowly Yes, i managed to blow his tusk off, that was right before he submitted.

How do you know of the Bewilderbeast?

She stepped backwards at his reaction and gulped. My dragon friend and I are refugees from the Bewilderbeast’s control. When I was a little girl, Drago raided my village and killed my parents. I was lucky enough to be rescued by Joanah, that Stormcutter I told you about. She and I have been traveling from island to island since then and it was only weeks ago that we saw the Bewilderbeast again. Luckily he didn’t catch us, but he was gathering some sort of army from what I saw.






Where the fandoms are made up and the pronunciation doesnt matter.


Gif = Graphics Interchange Format… since when in the blue fuck is Graphics pronounced Jraphics, Jraphics isn’t a word.  The guy who created it was just trolling you all, congrats y’all fell for it.

*someone pointed out that an acronym’ s pronunciation should have nothing to do with its component words. I still call BS because in this case  the “J” sounding “G” has no effect. It still sounds like a word, No one would ever pronounce Graphics with a “J” sound.  

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This should be posted in school hallways.

I’m unfollowing anyone who reblogs this without negative comments under it. This is such bullshit for so many reasons. A thousand times no. This implies male victims of rape don’t exist. It implies that virtually all men aren’t disgusted with rape, which they fucking are! It implies that most women don’t also find periods disgusting and that therefore any men who are grossed out by it are sexist. Fuck this shit!



This should be posted in school hallways.

I’m unfollowing anyone who reblogs this without negative comments under it. This is such bullshit for so many reasons. A thousand times no. This implies male victims of rape don’t exist. It implies that virtually all men aren’t disgusted with rape, which they fucking are! It implies that most women don’t also find periods disgusting and that therefore any men who are grossed out by it are sexist. Fuck this shit!

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Today is not the day to find out why I have so many

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911: This is 911. What is your emergency?
Caller: A man just stole my car.
911: Hey! Women steal cars, too, so chill with that feminist bullshit. {hangs up}
911: Fuckin' SJWs.
Analblaster-9000: I don't even know what you're trying to accomplish with this. First off, what we antisjw people argue is that sometimes female perpetrators of crimes get erased. How many female rapists, crime lords, and murderers have been seen as, "Empowering," to women or still whitewashed and called the victims? The answer is too fucking many. Valerie Solanas comes to mind since she shoot Andy Warhol and got seen as a fucking hero to the world of feminism. What about Catherine Kieu, the woman who cut her husband's penis off and put it in the garbage disposal? What about the Russian Woman who kidnapped a robber and kept him as a sex slave for three days? What about Loren Morris who sexually assaulted an 8 year old boy 50 times? All of these women either got praised or whitewashed as victims and all we're arguing is that it's bullshit. Not to mention a 911 operator wouldn't act like that, but whatever...